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How Talking Too Much Can Hurt You by @RosatoDonna

 CareerWhen you’ve got the floor in a meeting, do you notice people looking at the clock or their phones?

When you’re chatting over the water cooler, do you find yourself chiming in before your colleagues finish their sentences?

Do you typically go off on tangents when you tell a story?

Do people nod blankly and say “uh huh” a lot when you’re speaking?

Do you notice that people at work prefer to communicate with you via email?

You may be an overtalker.

Most people who talk too much don’t realize they do it, says Annie Stevens, managing partner for ClearRock, a leadership development and executive coaching firm. No matter whether it’s fueled by insecurity or overconfidence, however, this quality can be deadly to one’s career—especially these days.


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DIC-2016 Twitter just lost two more of its senior executives. By @alexeheath

 TwitterTwitter has lost two more of its senior executives as it faces mounting pressure to increase its revenue and grow its user base.

The company's chief technology officer, Adam Messinger, and VP of product, Josh McFarland, both announced that they are leaving the company on Tuesday.

Messinger has been Twitter's CTO since 2013, and joined the company in 2011 from Oracle. McFarland joined Twitter in 2015 through its $532 million acquisition of his ad tech startup TellApart.

Both departures come shortly after longtime Twitter COO Adam Bain abruptly stepped down in early November. Twitter also lost its vice president of ad sales, Richard Alfonsi, to Stripe in early December.


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Impact of climate change on microbial biodiversity Recommendation by @MIZAUCV

 ClimateDecember 2016. From University of Helsinki. The results are just published in the journal Nature Communications.

We still know fairly little about the specific impacts of climate change and human activity, such as nutrient enrichment of waterways, on broad geographical scales. Researchers from the Department of Geosciences and Geography at the University of Helsinki, the Finnish Environment Institute, and the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences have studied hundreds of microcosms in mountainous regions with the aid of natural temperature gradients in the studied areas, while modifying the enrichment level in field tests.

The results indicate that the bacteria in elevated tropical areas are similar to e.g. those in arctic areas. As a result of changes in temperature and aquatic enrichment, significant alterations occur in the microcosms, and as the enrichment increases, biodiversity reduces, says Associate Professor Janne Soininen.


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Plumeria Flower

Plumerias are tropical trees with gorgeous flowers which are used to make floral garlands.

 Plumeria FlowerPlumerias are tropical trees famous for their gorgeous flowers which are used to make leis (floral garlands). In regions with cold winters, plumerias can be grown in containers and brought indoors when the weather cools in autumn. Other common names are frangipani and Hawaiian lei flower.
About This Plant


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IT´S NO LONGER SURPRISING TO encounter 100-foot pinwheels spinning in the breeze as you drive.

 Wind-TurbinesIT´S NO LONGER SURPRISING TO encounter 100-foot pinwheels spinning in the breeze as you drive down the highway. But don´t get too comfortable with that view. A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless is proposing a radical new way to generate wind en



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