OBERNDORF - FROM "SONGS WHICH DO NOT EDIFY" TO "SILENT NIGHT!"     Starting in August 1817, Mohr was asked to provide temporary assistance to the Oberndorf parish priest Josef Kessler. In October, he was officially named to the open position of assistant priest (Koadjutor). Around this same time, his supervisor was replaced with the parish priest Georg Heinrich Nöstler. As the village of Oberndorf possessed no proper vicarage for its priests, Mohr would sleep in the church caretaker's house, while taking his meals generally in nearby "Gasthof" restaurants. Financial problems in the parish contributed to making the relationship between Mohr and Nöstler tense. Moreover, Nöstler was critical of his young assistant priest, accusing him of "neglecting his priestly duties, frequenting drinking locales, joking with persons of the opposite sex, and singing songs which do not edify." The deacon of nearby St. Georgen, who served as overseer of the Oberndorfer priests, along with the town leaders in Oberndorf, responded in writing saying these accusations were unfounded. Mostrar detalle

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Priest, Educator, Composer (1678–1741)

Priest, Educator, Composer (1678–1741)     

Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678, in Venice, Italy. His father, Giovanni Battista Vivaldi, was a professional violinist who taught his young son to play as well. Through his father, Vivaldi met and learned from some of the finest musicians and composers in Venice at the time. While his violin practice flourished, a chronic shortness of breath barred him from mastering wind instruments. Vivaldi sought religious training as well as musical instruction. At the age of 15, he began studying to become a priest. He was ordained in 1703. Due to his red hair, Vivaldi was known locally as "il Prete Rosso," or "the Red Priest." Vivaldi's career in the clergy was short-lived. Health problems prevented him from delivering mass and drove him to abandon the priesthood shortly after his ordination. Mostrar detalle

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Network of diy artists, promoters, and producers for the Austin music scene. @ProdTrash

Network of diy artists, promoters, and producers for the Austin music scene. @ProdTrash     Trash Panda Productions is a network of diy artists, promoters, and producers, dedicated to helping the Austin music scene. Ask how you can get involved!
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One of the best 1980's and 1990's singer Gloria Estefan

One of the best 1980's and 1990's singer Gloria Estefan     Synopsis Singer Gloria Estefan was born September 1, 1957, in Havana, Cuba. As a toddler Estefan fled Cuba with her family. In 1975 she met keyboardist Emilio Estefan, her future husband, who led a band called the Miami Latin Boys. Estefan became the lead singer and the band was renamed the Miami Sound Machine, before going on to score several Top 10 hits in the 1980s and 1990s. Estefan and her husband later produced a Broadway musical, On Your Feet!, which featured the Miami Sound Machine's popular songs. Crossover Pop Star
In 1985 the album Primitive Love, the band's first recording entirely in English, set off a string of hit singles. "Bad Boys" and "Words Get in the Way" made their way onto Billboard's Top 10 pop chart. Behind the scenes was the work of the trio known as the "Three Jerks": producer/drummer Joe Galdo and his partners, Rafael Vigil and Lawrence Dermer, who wrote, arranged and performed the majority of the music on Primitive Love and the follow-up album, Let It Loose (1987). As a band, the Miami Sound Machine developed a split personality. In the studio the Three Jerks and session players made records, and for concerts the road band, which included Garcia and Avila, performed. Estefan was the common denominator. Extensive tours, concerts in 40,000-seat stadiums and music videos on MTV and VH-1 made the Miami Sound Machine a leading U.S. band. Mostrar detalle

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If there is one group that embodies progressive rock, it is King Crimson.

If there is one group that embodies progressive rock, it is King Crimson.     King Crimson originally grew out of the remnants of an unsuccessful trio called Giles, Giles & Fripp. Michael Giles (drums, vocals), Peter Giles (bass, vocals), and Robert Fripp (guitar) had begun working together in late 1967 after playing in a variety of bands. Mostrar detalle

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"Blue Bayou," became her major hit at that time

 "Blue Bayou,"  became her major hit at that time     Singer Linda Ronstadt was born on July 15, 1946, in Tucson, Arizona, and grew up surrounded by music. One of Ronstadt's early musical influences was the Mexican songs her father taught her and her siblings. Her mother played the ukulele and her father played the guitar. Following in her father's footsteps, she learned to play guitar, and performed with her brother and sister as a trio. While a student at Catalina High School, Ronstadt met local folk musician Bob Kimmel. A few years her senior, Kimmel moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career, and tried to convince Ronstadt to do the same. She stayed put and enrolled at the University of Arizona in Tucson, but soon left school to join Kimmel in L.A. Ronstadt and Kimmel teamed up with Kenny Edwards to form the Stone Poneys, and the folk trio released their first album in 1967. The group enjoyed modest success with their second album, Evergreen Vol. 2, which was also released in 1967. However, their only hit was "Different Drum," which was written by Michael Nesmith of the Monkees. Mostrar detalle

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She won Oscars for both Best Actress (“Funny Girl”) and Best Original Song

She won Oscars for both Best Actress (“Funny Girl”) and Best Original Song     

Barbra Streisand

Actress/ singer/ director/ writer/ composer/ producer/ designer/ author/ photographer/ activist Barbra Streisand is the only artist ever to receive Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, Directors Guild of America, Golden Globe, National Medal of Arts and Peabody Awards and France’s Légion d’Honneur as well as the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the first female film director to receive the Kennedy Center Honors. In 2015, President Barack Obama presented her with the highest civilian honor the United States bestows, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She won Oscars for both Best Actress (“Funny Girl”) and Best Original Song (for her composition of “Evergreen” which has since become a standard.) She also was nominated for Best Actress for “The Way We Were.” The three films she directed received 14 Oscar nominations. Her recordings have earned her ten Grammy Awards, including and Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement and Legend Awards. Mostrar detalle

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Científicos desaprueban escuchar Reggaetón

Científicos desaprueban escuchar Reggaetón     Escuchar música puede tener efectos positivos como también dañinos.Uno de los beneficios más referidos es el llamado “Efecto Mozart”, que afirma que los fetos y bebés que escuchan música clásica tienden a estar más tranquilos, concentrados y abiertos a los estímulos. Además se descubrió que ese tipo de música fomenta el hábito de aprendizaje y es capaz de hacer más inteligentes y razonables a las personas, de acuerdo con una serie de estudios realizados en Miami, Florida, que determinaron los efectos que produce cada género musical en el cerebro y la respuesta del ser humano a estos estímulos. No obstante, cuando los participantes de la investigación fueron sometidos a escuchar reggaetón, los expertos observaron que el efecto es totalmente contrario al de la música clásica. Se descubrió que este tipo de música daña el hipotálamo, disminuye la capacidad cerebral, así como la memoria a corto plazo y en consecuencia, el aprendizaje cuesta más. Ya a fines del año pasado la otorrinolaringóloga chilena Catalina Matalón explicó el riesgo que implica para el oído humano este estilo musical, no sólo por el volumen al que son escuchados, sino por la estructura sonora de las canciones, por su composición de frecuencias. Mostrar detalle

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Eric Clapton

He was the son of Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer.

He was the son of Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer.     Eric Patrick Clapton was born on 30 March 1945 in his grandparent's home at 1 The Green, Ripley, Surrey, England. He was the son of 16-year-old Patricia Molly Clapton (b. 7 January 1929, d. March 1999) and Edward Walter Fryer (b. 21 March 1920, d. 1985), a 24-year-old Canadian soldier stationed in England during World War II. Before Eric was born, Fryer returned to his wife in Canada. Mostrar detalle

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Música venezolana de Luis Silva @luissilvatwitt

Música venezolana de Luis Silva @luissilvatwitt     


Voy a dedicar mi canto a mi patria y mi bandera sabana q tanto quiero hijas de tierras llaneras. Esteros y morichales caminos y tolvaneras con la compañía sagrada del cuarto y arpa llanera. Mi llano que lindo eres que lindo es el ser llanero llanura q me has parido y que te quiero de veras permíteme que te diera de mi canta una pajarillo Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Pajarillo pajarillo que cantas por donde quieras vamos a unir el cantar pa cantarle a Venezuela la tierra que pare machos y no se dan donde quieran de esos que a riegan la vida cuando toca defenderla como hizo bolívar el que libertador fuera que lucho a capa y espada por defender un nuestra tierra nosotros que no podemos hacerlo como el lo hiciera vamos hacerlo cantado pero con voz altanera que retumben los caminos que recorran las fronteras para amante de legado y fija nuestra bandera ya que desde muy pequeño nos recorre por la venas amar querer y sentir nuestra patria Venezuela Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa.... El tema voy a cambiar por una causa en reclamo que no se olvide el folklore vida del venezolano me voy a unir a la lista de copleros afamados y en mi inspiración otorgó pa jamás olvidarlos al caral de palmarito por coplero vergatario a Luis sola del cubiro de los llanos veterano a Luis custodió Loyola viejo cantor afamado y el grandioso florentino en que canto con el diablo al chistoso simón Díaz por su famoso cabello me despido por ahora para volver no se cuando y nombrar mas cantadores que hasta vivirán luchando por defender el folklore y costumbres de mi llano
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