REASONS YOU DON´T HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER     In general, people follow businesses on Twitter because they want something from them. If you´re not offering what they want they aren´t going to follow you and will more than likely follow your competitors instead. Image from If you want to build your presence on Twitter and get ahead of your competitors use the infographic below from Search Engine People which gives you the top 8 things people want from businesses on Twitter. Mostrar detalle

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Take 15 minutes to view the most important news of our changing world with Reuters.

Take 15 minutes to view the most important news of our changing world with Reuters.      Mostrar detalle

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Científicos desaprueban escuchar Reggaetón

Científicos desaprueban escuchar Reggaetón     Escuchar música puede tener efectos positivos como también dañinos.Uno de los beneficios más referidos es el llamado “Efecto Mozart”, que afirma que los fetos y bebés que escuchan música clásica tienden a estar más tranquilos, concentrados y abiertos a los estímulos. Además se descubrió que ese tipo de música fomenta el hábito de aprendizaje y es capaz de hacer más inteligentes y razonables a las personas, de acuerdo con una serie de estudios realizados en Miami, Florida, que determinaron los efectos que produce cada género musical en el cerebro y la respuesta del ser humano a estos estímulos. No obstante, cuando los participantes de la investigación fueron sometidos a escuchar reggaetón, los expertos observaron que el efecto es totalmente contrario al de la música clásica. Se descubrió que este tipo de música daña el hipotálamo, disminuye la capacidad cerebral, así como la memoria a corto plazo y en consecuencia, el aprendizaje cuesta más. Ya a fines del año pasado la otorrinolaringóloga chilena Catalina Matalón explicó el riesgo que implica para el oído humano este estilo musical, no sólo por el volumen al que son escuchados, sino por la estructura sonora de las canciones, por su composición de frecuencias. Mostrar detalle

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Blockchain world

Blockchain: what it is?, How it really can change the world?

Blockchain: what it is?, How it really can change the world?     Blockchain “ the technology behind the bitcoin digital currency“ is a decentralized public ledger of transactions that no one person or company owns or controls. Instead, every user can access the entire blockchain, and every transfer of funds from one account to another is recorded in a secure and verifiable form by using mathematical techniques borrowed from cryptography. With copies of the blockchain scattered all over the planet, it is considered to be effectively tamper-proof. The challenges that bitcoin poses to law enforcement and international currency controls have been widely discussed. But the blockchain ledger has uses far beyond simple monetary transactions. Mostrar detalle

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Who was the voice of Queen?

Who was the voice of Queen?     

Fredie Mercury

In 1973, the band released their first self-titled album, but it took two more recordings for Queen's music to really catch on. Their third record, Sheer Heart Attack (1974), featured their first hit, "Killer Queen," a song about a high-class call girl. The single hit No. 2 on the U.K. charts, and peaked at No. 12 in the U.S. With a sound that has been described as a fusion of hard rock and glam rock, Queen had an even bigger hit the following year with their album, A Night at the Opera (1975). Mercury wrote the song "Bohemian Rhapsody," a seven-minute rock operetta, for the album. Overdubbing his voice, Mercury showed off his impressive four-octave vocal range on this innovative track. The song hit the top of the charts in Britain and became a Top 10 hit in the United States. In addition to his talents as a singer and songwriter, Mercury was also a skilled showman. He knew how to entertain audiences and how to connect with them. He liked to wear costumes—often featuring skintight spandex—and strutted around the stage, encouraging fans to join in the fun. Artistic in nature, Mercury was also actively involved in designing the art for many of the group's albums. Mostrar detalle

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Who is Peggy Whitson?

Who is Peggy Whitson?     NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, the only woman living onboard the International Space Station at the moment, is on track to break a big spaceflight record: at the end of April, she will have spent more cumulative hours in space than any other US astronaut. But now it looks like Whitson’s going to rack up even more flight time in lower Earth orbit than originally planned. NASA announced today that Whitson will be extending her stay on the ISS by an additional three months, adding even more hours to her record-breaking time in space. Whitson launched to the ISS in November 2016 on a Russian Soyuz rocket, along with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy and Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency. Their stay on the ISS, known as Expedition 51, was meant to last until June. That’s still true for Pesquet and Novitskiy, but Whitson will now come back sometime in September. Her trip back to Earth will be with NASA astronaut Jack Fischer and cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin — two crew members who are slated to launch to the ISS later this month Mostrar detalle

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Real transormer car


LETRONS READY FOR SHOW     In addition, LETVISION has been suported and awarded by the Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB as an registered succesfull R & D company. Especially Multi touch products as final product related actions aiming to reach the end user are succesfully produced. Among cars features are:

  • Real car Effective Size
  • Safety
  • Steering
  • Dynanic eye
  • Remote control
  • Sound
  • Fog
  • Interactivity
  • Arm Movements
  • Kinetic fingers
  • Wrist action
  • Power system
  • Dynanic lights
  • Remote control software
  • Wi-Fi Technology
  • Gear motor
  • Dynamic control system
  • Main control unit
  • Neck and head movement
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Which is the greenest, happiest country in the world?

Which is the greenest, happiest country in the world?     Is life on this planet getting better? When it comes to the progress of nations, how do you measure what matters most? There’s wealth, there’s health, there’s basic human freedoms. These criteria, and others, make regular appearances in a variety of international rankings, from the Better Life Index to the Sustainable Economic Development Assessment and the World Happiness Report. But a new study takes a different approach. The Happy Planet Index, which has just published its 2016 edition, measures health and happiness not in isolation but against a crucial new gold standard for success: sustainability. The formula goes something like this: take the well-being and longevity of a population, measure how equally both are distributed, then set the result against each country's ecological footprint. Mostrar detalle

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DNA clue to how humans evolved big brains by @hbriggs BBC

DNA clue to how humans evolved big brains by @hbriggs BBC     The mutation was also present in our evolutionary "cousins" - the Neanderthals and Denisovans. However, it is not found in humans' closest living relatives, the chimpanzees. As early humans evolved, they developed larger and more complex brains, which can process and store a lot of information. Last year, scientists pinpointed a human gene that they think was behind the expansion of a key brain region known as the neocortex. They believe the gene arose about five or six million years ago, after the human line had split off from chimpanzees. Now, researchers have found a tiny DNA change - a point mutation - that appears to have changed the function of the gene, sparking the process of expansion of the neocortex. Mostrar detalle

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First Job

The unglamorous first jobs of well known successful people

The unglamorous first jobs of well known successful people     It can be easy to see the world's most powerful and influential people as occupying a sphere far removed from the rest us. But even some of the most successful people started off working odd jobs to earn money and learn the ropes. These 25 successful people prove that the path to success doesn't have to be linear. Dylan Love contributed reporting.

  • Donald Trump collected bottles.
  • Hillary Clinton supervised park activities.
  • President Barack Obama scooped ice cream.
  • Marco Rubio built birdcages.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a research assistant for a law professor.
  • Bernie Sanders worked as a carpenter and documentary filmmaker.
  • Madeline Albright sold bras.
  • Michael Bloomberg was a parking-lot attendant.
  • Mark Cuban sold garbage bags.
  • Marissa Mayer was a grocery-store clerk.
  • Lloyd Blankfein sold snacks at Yankee Stadium.
  • Richard Branson was an amateur bird breeder and arborist.
  • Beth Comstock worked in a Rubbermaid factory.
  • Neil Vogel sold tuxedos in a Philadelphia mall.
  • Robert Herjavec was a debt collector.
  • Kat Cole was a star Hooters employee.
  • John Paul DeJoria built and sold flower boxes.
  • Warren Buffett was a paperboy.
  • Oprah Winfrey worked at a corner grocery store.
  • Michael Dell washed dishes.
  • David Murdock pumped gas.
  • Jacki Zehner sold hot dogs at hockey games.
  • T. Boone Pickens delivered newspapers.
  • Jeff Bezos worked the grill at McDonald's.
  • Chuck Schwab sold walnuts and chickens.
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