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Renewable Energy

Global Wind Energy: Strong Year Ahead Expected OEF Rapid review

 Renewable EnergyAccording to Renewable Energy World, the wind industry globally has good prospects for 2017 and beyond: China could push back towards 30 GW of installations and India has set a new national record with 3,612 MW of new installations; Europe’s numbers were surprisingly strong. Additionally, there are clear indications that the offshore industry could spread beyond its northern European home to North America, East Asia, India and perhaps elsewhere in the near future as a result of technological advances and growing investor confidence.


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Essentials For Excellent Customer Service by @MikeSchiemer

 CustomerCustomer service is one of the most important business segments because it involves direct contact with potential buyers. Exceptional customer service practices can drive sales and improve company’s reputation.

According with @MikeSchiemer, these are:

Positive Language.
Master Time Management.
Apply Basic Behavioral Psychology Principles.
Calming Approach.
Use Advanced Customer Service Technology.
Persuasion Skills.
Product Knowledge.


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¿Qué es, en realidad, un inventario?

 LogísticaInventario, una palabra que no nos es desconocida del todo, ha alcanzado una notoriedad
muy alta, hemos escuchado que debemos mantener niveles óptimos de inventarios, pero
¿Qué es eso?; ¿Cuánto inventario se deber mantener? Si se mantienen inventarios
demasiado altos, el costo podría llevar a una empresa a tener problemas de liquidez
financiera, esto ocurre porque un inventario "congelado" inmoviliza recursos que podrían
ser mejor utilizados en funciones más productivas de la organización. Además, el
inventario "congelado" tiende a tornarse obsoleto, a quedar fuera de uso y corre el riesgo
de dañarse.
Por otro lado, si se mantiene un nivel insuficiente de inventario, podría no atenderse a los
clientes de forma satisfactoria, lo cual genera reclamaciones, reducción de ganancias y
pérdida de mercado, al no afirmar la confiabilidad de los clientes en la capacidad de
reacción de la empresa, ante las fluctuaciones del mercado.


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Las partes básicas de un Almacén

 AlmacénUn Almacén bien administrado debe contar con:
Un edificio.
Ambientes bien delineados.
Racks bien identificados.
Posiciones bien identificadas en los racks.
Equipamiento técnico para el manejo del tipo de material que se almacena.
Equipamiento de computación necesario para administrar la información del almacén.
Personal bien entrenado en las mejores prácticas de logística.


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The changing face of business - and the part artificial intelligence has to play

 WEFArtificial Intelligence (AI) may be the single most disruptive technology the world has seen since the Industrial Revolution. Granted, there is a lot of hype out there on AI, along with doomsday headlines and scary movies. But the reality is that it will positively and materially change how we engage with the world around us. It’s going to improve not only how business is done, but the kind of work we do – and unleash new levels of creativity and ingenuity.

In fact, research from Accenture estimates that artificial intelligence could double annual economic growth rates of many developed countries by 2035, transforming work and fostering a new relationship between humans and machines. The report projects that AI technologies in business will boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent. Rather than undermining people, we believe AI will reinforce their role in driving business growth. As AI matures, it will potentially serve as a powerful antidote for the stagnant productivity and shortages in skilled labor of recent decades.



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