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SpiceJet implements Swiss Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering System AMOS by

 MaintenanceDec 26, 2016: Swiss-AS has announced a new business relationship with India’s low cost carrier SpiceJet regarding the Swiss Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering System AMOS.

AMOS will be rolled out and used by over 600 employees in the Technical department of the airline.

Some members of the SpiceJet technical department staff are already familiar with AMOS, which helped the airline not only during the evaluation phase, but will also be beneficial in the future implementation process.

“India has become a strategic market for us and, with SpiceJet on board, we are proud to continue this Indian story of success,” stated Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.


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Air lines

DEC 2016 Emirates adds Morocco in North Africa to its network

 Air linesDec 20, 2016: Emirates will operate the first ever commercial Airbus A380 flight to Morocco in North Africa, when it takes the iconic double decker aircraft to Casablanca on March 26, 2017.

The airline’s flagship aircraft, which continues to excite travellers and aviation enthusiasts alike, will replace the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft currently used on the Dubai-Casablanca route, offering increased seat capacity across all three cabin classes and an enhanced premium product experience.

The switch to the A380 offers a total of 1834 additional seats per week, meeting a growing demand from travellers on the route, with 14 private suites in First Class, 76 lie flat seats in Business Class and 401 seats in spacious Economy Class cabin.

Travellers from Morocco flying from Casablanca to Emirates’ world class hub, Dubai, can seamlessly connect to onward destinations in Emirates network, particularly in the GCC, East Asia and Australia, with many cities, such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Doha, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, also being served by the A380. The A380 service will also provide travellers from across the Emirates’ network, mainly the GCC and Australia as well as India, US, and the Far East, with ideal connectivity via Emirates' ultra-modern hub in Dubai.


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Air France

Air France takes delivery of first B787 Dreamliner
By: @StatMediaNews

 Air FranceDec 03, 2016: Air France receives its first 787 and this airplane will be deployed on Paris to Cairo route starting in January.

Boeing and AerCap, a global leader in aircraft leasing, celebrated the delivery of the first 787-9, for Air France. This signifies the delivery of AerCap's 50th Dreamliner. The airplane is also the 500th 787 produced on Boeing's production lines.

"It is with great pride and honor that Air France is taking delivery of its first Boeing 787, the 9th for Air France-KLM," said Jean-Marc Janaillac, CEO, Air France-KLM. "Air France's first e-enabled aircraft, the Dreamliner, marks a new stage in the moderniSation of our fleet. It will offer customers the best of Air France's products and services."


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Space station image gallery by @nasa


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Controlled Impact Demonstration by @NASA

 Mega-droneIn 1984, NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, now NASA Armstrong, and the Federal Aviation Administration teamed up in a unique flight experiment called the Controlled Impact Demonstration to test a promising fuel additive for retarding or suppressing fire in a real-world aircraft crash-landing scenario. When blended with standard Jet-A fuel, the FM-9 additive, a high molecular weight long-chain polymer, had demonstrated the capability to inhibit ignition and flame propagation of the released fuel in simulated impact tests.

An obsolete Boeing 720 four-engine airliner was obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration for the project, which would conclude with an intentional crash-landing of the remotely piloted aircraft into several steel structures set up on the bed of Rogers Dry Lake at Edwards Air Force Base to breach the fuel tanks in the wings.

This anti-misting kerosene with the FM-9 additive could not be introduced directly into a gas turbine engine due to several potential problems, such as clogging of filters. The modified fuel had to be restored to nearly Jet-A standard before being introduced into the engine for burning. This restoration was accomplished on the Boeing 720 using a device called a degrader that was installed on each of the aircraft's four Pratt & Whitney JT3C-7 engines.



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