Moody’s: Positive Outlook For Global Independent E&P Firms

Moody’s: Positive Outlook For Global Independent E&P Firms     The outlook for global independent exploration and production firms remains positive, according to Moody’s. Increased oil and natural gas production, higher commodity prices, and moderate cost increases will help independent business’ earnings grow at a healthy pace over the next 12-18 months. The global E&P sector EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortization – is expected to grow by 20-30% in 2017, following declines of about 25% in 2016 and a roughly 45% drop in 2015. The sector’s oil and natural gas production will rise about 5%, and mergers and acquisitions will be robust Markets. Mostrar detalle

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The Future is Bright for Banking

The Future is Bright for Banking     2018 is likely to be a game-changing year for the banking and finance sector. As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) are implemented across the European Union, the exclusive control of banks and other financial institutions on financial data of their customers is about to end. These new regulations will open the door to almost any company interested in claiming a share, particularly the tech giants, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google. While this may look like a challenge to many, we, as journey science experts, view this as an opportunity for banks to partner with large tech, eCommerce, and fintech enterprises and leverage their expertise at managing customer experiences to revolutionize customer journeys and offer an improved, more holistic experience to their end-users. In this article, we have reviewed how implementation of PSD2 and GDPR will transform the banking and finance industry and result in a new wave of partnerships between banks and ecosystem enterprises to create a win-win situation for everyone, including customers, financial institutions, major tech players, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, eCommerce companies, as well as small fintech start-ups. Mostrar detalle

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Bill denomination

Paper Money – The World’s 15 Highest Denominations by @CoinWeek

Paper Money – The World’s 15 Highest Denominations by @CoinWeek     

15 Highest Denominations

#1 - United States: 100 Dollars ($100) GDP: $17,348,075,000 #2 – China: 100 Yuan (¥100) GDP: $10,356,508,000 #3 – Japan: 10,000 Yen (¥10,000) GDP: $4,602,367,000 #4 – Germany: 500 Euros (€500) GDP: $3,874,437,000 #5 – United Kingdom: 50 Pounds (£50) GDP: $2,950,039,000 #6 – France: 500 Euros (€500) GDP: $2,833,687,000 #7 – Brazil: 100 Reais (R$100) GDP: $2,346,583,000 #8 – Italy: 500 Euros (€500) GDP: $2,147,744,000 #9 – India: 1,000 Rupees (₹1000) GDP: $2,051,228,000 #10 – Russia: 5,000 Rubles (₽5000) GDP: $1,860,598,000 #11 – Canada: 100 Dollars ($100) GDP: $1,785,387,000 #12 – Australia: 100 Dollars ($100) GDP: $1,442,722,000 #13 – South Korea: 50,000 Won (₩50,000) GDP: $1,410,383,000 #14 – Spain: 500 Euros (€500) GDP: $1,406,538,000 #15 – Mexico: 1,000 Pesos ($1,000) GDP: $1,291,062,000 Mostrar detalle

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Uruguay es libre y soberano y no está sometido a ninguna presión en el #MerCoSur.

Uruguay es libre y soberano y no está sometido a ninguna presión en el #MerCoSur.     El presidente Tabaré Vázquez dijo este mediodía luego del Consejo de Ministros que la situación que atraviesa el Mercosur "es preocupante". Sin embargo, asegur? que Uruguay no se siente "solo" y que se está "en un terreno de respeto a la normativa y abiertos al diálogo con los otros países". Señal? también que Uruguay es "libre y soberano", que actúa "con seriedad y responsabilidad" y que "no está sometido a ningún tipo de presiones" del resto de los países del bloque. Mostrar detalle

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Egypt economy

Nov. 12 2016.- $12 billion loan to salvage Egypt

Nov. 12 2016.- $12 billion loan to salvage Egypt     CAIRO, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- The International Monetary Fund approved a $12 billion loan for Egypt, an effort to revive the country's struggling economy by "restoring stability and confidence in the economy, and implementing structural reforms that will create jobs," officials said. The approval allows for the first installment of the three-year loan, $2.75 billion, to be immediately disbursed. The remainder of the loan will be phased in over the duration of the program, subject to five reviews, the IMF said. Mostrar detalle

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The Economist

Who is Ricardo Hausmann

Who is Ricardo Hausmann     Ricardo Hausmann is Director of Harvard's Center for International Development and Professor of the Practice of Economic Development at the Kennedy School of Government. Previously, he served as the first Chief Economist of the Inter-American Development Bank (1994-2000), where he created the Research Department. He has served as Minister of Planning of Venezuela (1992-1993) and as a member of the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela. He also served as Chair of the IMF-World Bank Development Committee. He was Professor of Economics at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion (IESA) (1985-1991) in Caracas, where he founded the Center for Public Policy. His research interests include issues of growth, macroeconomic stability, international finance, and the social dimensions of development. He holds a PhD in economics from Cornell University. Mostrar detalle

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Making decisions

The way Elon Musk uses to make decisions.

The way Elon Musk uses to make decisions.     Utilizing a decision tree does not require a PhD. All that's needed is a basic understanding of probability. Here's a step-by-step process you can follow to use the principles in your decision making: Understand the different outcomes that could happen (both positive and negative) Calculate the expected return or loss of each outcome: Attach a probability to each outcome Understanding the magnitude of the return or loss Multiple the probability by the magnitude (probability of winning * value of win) - (probability of losing * cost of the loss) Add up and subtract all of the expected returns and losses To get started you don't need to know the exact probabilities. Just following the process will give you unique insights you wouldn't have had otherwise (i.e., the power of unlikely big bets and the risk of Russian roulette decisions). Mostrar detalle

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How Cryptocurrencies Are Turning The Traditional Venture Capital Model on Its Head

How Cryptocurrencies Are Turning The Traditional Venture Capital Model on Its Head     The decentralization effects of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are hitting the venture capital industry in more ways than one. Whereas the traditional venture capital industry is boring, the crypto-tech industry has become more exciting. Actually, I see the two models as diametrically opposed: one is a closed market, dominated by command-and-control practices, led by a few rich people on Sand Hill Road. The other is a widely open global market where anyone can play, and where the gains and risks are more evenly distributed. This has led to a re-thinking of how startups who are operating in the blockchain space can raise money, and it has potential implications that will revamp the relationships that venture capital firms can hope to strike with these startups. As an investor, advisor or board member, I have been closely associated with a variety of early stage companies that are tackling the innovation explosion around cryptocurrency and blockchain-based models, and have had the fortunate insights of seeing where we might be headed. Mostrar detalle

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Arab Monetary Fund Forecast 2017, 2018: Economy And Oil

Arab Monetary Fund Forecast 2017, 2018: Economy And Oil     According to an Arab Monetary Fund analysis, most of the Arab oil-exporting countries have had to readjust owing to unfavorable global economic developments. As for economic growth expectations for 2017, the Arab economies are expected to see a reduced growth of 2.3 percent in 2017 and 2.8 percent in 2018, reflecting the decline in the growth rate of the Arab oil-exporting countries to 1.8 percent through the OPEC production adjustment. Growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is expected to reach 1.7 percent in 2017 compared to 1.9 percent in 2016. Mostrar detalle

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DEC 2016 YELLEN: The class of 2016 is entering the strongest job market in a decade by @AkinOyedele

DEC 2016 YELLEN: The class of 2016 is entering the strongest job market in a decade by @AkinOyedele     Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Monday took another victory lap for the US labor market. At the University of Baltimore's commencement, Yellen said that although there are still challenges, the jobs market is the strongest it has been in a decade. "The short version of what I have to say is that while I expect workers will continue to face some challenges in the coming years, I believe, for two reasons, that the job prospects and career opportunities for new graduates at this time are very good," Yellen said. Mostrar detalle

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