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PhD Stacie Meaux expalin how to use colors in a @journalexperts video

 ResearchAfter doing months of research, it’s finally time to create your charts and graphs to demonstrate your findings.

But where do you begin?

Well, after you choose which data to include and what to leave out, you’ll want to decide which software you’ll be using (Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) Whatever your decision, make sure it is something you are comfortable working in.

The next thing you will want to consider is your color scheme. This is not something that should be based on a variety of your favorite colors, or even ones chosen at random. Instead, this is something that requires forethought and consideration.


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Highly Effective Students Review their notes, schoolwork and other class materials over the weekend.

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Highly Effective Students Make sure they're not distracted while they're studying.


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Highly Effective Students plan a specific goal Each study time should have .


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Highly Effective Students Plan when they're going to study.


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Highly Effective Students Always review their notes before starting an assigment.


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Highly Effective Students Never procrasitinate their planned study session.


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Highly Effective Students Start with the most difficult subject first.


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Autism breakthrough: One protein's sweeping influence on development of autism revealed

 AutismAs many as a third of autism cases could be explained by a scarcity of a single protein in the brain, Toronto scientists have revealed. The findings provide a unique opportunity to develop treatments for a disorder that is rooted in a motley crew of genetic faults.

Researchers induced autistic-like behaviour in mice by lowering the levels of a protein called nSR100 (also known as SRRM4), which is important for normal brain development. The study, published in the December 15 issue of the journal Molecular Cell, builds on the teams' previous work which showed that the nSR100 protein was reduced in the brains of autistic people.

The teams were led by Professors Benjamin Blencowe of the University of Toronto's Donnelly Centre and Sabine Cordes of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Sinai Health System's Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute.


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Los Criterios de Evaluación


Los Criterios de Evaluación

En la evaluación del aprendizaje con un enfoque educativo con orientación por competencias, ya sea para programas de estudio por asignaturas o con estructura modular o también para cursos específicos, es un requerimiento necesario y complementario a la tarea evaluadora el establecer criterios de evaluación para los diferentes objetivos o aprendizajes esperados, planteados en los diferentes programas de asignaturas o cursos.

Los criterios de evaluación, deben entenderse como indicadores concretos de aprendizaje, los cuales deberían demostrar los alumnos como producto del proceso enseñanza y aprendizaje.

También debe considerárselas como parámetros o patrones, los cuales son utilizados para designar una base de referencia para el juicio de valor que se establece al evaluar.


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Así se conoció la circunferencia de la tierra. Video de youtube


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Newton and the Equations of Nature by @techreview

 PhysicsPublished on Dec 22, 2016 by @techreview
We all know Isaac Newton for something that he never did: discovering gravity when an apple fell on his head and woke him up from a nap under a tree. This is what actually happened.



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