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Which is the greenest, happiest country in the world?

 happinessIs life on this planet getting better? When it comes to the progress of nations, how do you measure what matters most? There’s wealth, there’s health, there’s basic human freedoms. These criteria, and others, make regular appearances in a variety of international rankings, from the Better Life Index to the Sustainable Economic Development Assessment and the World Happiness Report.

But a new study takes a different approach. The Happy Planet Index, which has just published its 2016 edition, measures health and happiness not in isolation but against a crucial new gold standard for success: sustainability.

The formula goes something like this: take the well-being and longevity of a population, measure how equally both are distributed, then set the result against each country's ecological footprint.


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What Your Kids Will Look Like Based On Your Genes? Open link

 KidsGenetics plays a powerful role in what traits parents pass down to their children, but as this chart shows, nothing is guaranteed.
So, if you have red hair and green eyes, and your partner does too, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your kid(s) will.
In fact, even though these charts are used to predict what offspring will look like, they also make clear that there’s an element of randomness that could make a child more diverse than you thought!


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Researchers Identify Gene for Gray Hair: IRF4

 HAPPENED IN 2016The team, led by Prof. Andres Ruiz-Linares of University College London, analyzed a population of 6,630 people with varied ancestry across Latin America to identify new genes associated with hair color, graying, density and shape, i.e. straight or curly.

“Our study sample consists of 6,630 volunteers from the CANDELA cohort recruited in five Latin American countries (Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru),” Prof. Ruiz-Linares and co-authors said.

“In these individuals, we performed a categorical assessment (in men and women) of: scalp hair shape (curliness), color, balding and graying as well as (in men) of beard thickness (that is, density), monobrow and eyebrow thickness.”

The gene identified for gray hair, IRF4 (interferon regulatory factor 4 gene), is known to play a role in hair color but this is the first time it has been associated with the graying of hair.

“IRF4 is involved in regulating production and storage of melanin, the pigment that determines hair, skin and eye color,” the scientists said.


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Home farm

Green Patch: Start Your Seeds Indoors This Winter by @FarmFairyCrafts

 Home farmQ. This year I want to grow some of my herb plants from seeds. What are the steps to starting seeds over the winter?

A. Seed starting is like baking bread—you need the right mix of ingredients, the right temperature and viable yeast. In the case of seed starting, the ingredient list includes a lightweight growing medium and containers for planting. Provide the right temperature with a warm greenhouse or sunny window; and seeds, of course, are the viable catalyst.

Use a commercial potting mix or seedling mix for the growing medium. Choose from egg cartons, yogurt cups, flats of six-cell packs or small pots when it comes to containers. (Note: Fiber- or peat-based pots should be soaked well before adding soil.) Like yeast, seeds have a limited life—be sure the seeds are fresh or packaged for the upcoming growing season for optimum germination.

The directions on the back of the seed packet will tell you all the specifics for starting that particular seed, along with germination time, spacing and transplant information. Be aware that germination time will vary during winter. Some herbs (parsley is an example) can take up to a month to germinate. Soaking seeds overnight often will help speed
up germination.

Fill pots or flats to within 1/4 inch of the top with moistened potting or seedling mix. Plant seeds according to package instructions, paying special attention to whether seeds should or should not be covered. (Some seeds need light in order to germinate.) Use a fine sprayer to moisten the soil and keep it continually moist until seeds have germinated. Then, place pots in bright light or set them just a few inches below fluorescent bulbs to produce strong, healthy plants. Small pots dry out quickly, so check often and keep the soil slightly moist. Fertilize with a weak solution of liquid organic fertilizer when seedlings are about an inch high, then transplant into larger pots as needed. Most seedlings can go in the ground after all danger of frost has passed.


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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

 ChristmasEn una nevada noche de Navidad, un niño emprende un extraordinario viaje en tren hacia el Polo Norte. A partir de ese momento comienza una aventura que le servirá para conocerse a sí mismo y que le enseñará que la magia de la vida nunca desaparece para aquellos que creen.

Al prepararse para dormir, Y luego de que sus padres lo vieran a él y su hermana menor Sarah (quien se preparaba en la otra habitación, para dormir, ansiosa por la Navidad) un estruendoso ruido se escucha frente a su habitación provocando una breve perturbación sismica, ocasionada a su vez por un enorme tren que sin descarrilarse al andar mágicamente sobre la nieve y no sobre algún tipo de vía -, se ha detenido justo enfrente de la puerta de su hogar. El niño sale impresionado de su habitación y, mientras está explorando el exterior del misterioso tren, es invitado a abordarlo por el boletero del mismo, aunque se niega primeramente, al final termina corriendo para subirse a bordo.


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DNA clue to how humans evolved big brains by @hbriggs BBC

 EvolutionThe mutation was also present in our evolutionary "cousins" - the Neanderthals and Denisovans.
However, it is not found in humans' closest living relatives, the chimpanzees.
As early humans evolved, they developed larger and more complex brains, which can process and store a lot of information.
Last year, scientists pinpointed a human gene that they think was behind the expansion of a key brain region known as the neocortex.
They believe the gene arose about five or six million years ago, after the human line had split off from chimpanzees.
Now, researchers have found a tiny DNA change - a point mutation - that appears to have changed the function of the gene, sparking the process of expansion of the neocortex.


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Financia l security

Why your money problems are predictable based on how you grew up. by @notsoTan_za

 Financia l securityPersonal finance is just that — it's personal. It's up to you to develop habits for spending and saving your money. Ultimately, it's your actions that will determine your financial success, right?

Well, that's what we tell ourselves anyway.

According to Brad Klontz, a financial psychologist, author, and cofounder of financial-consulting firm Your Mental Wealth, our core attitudes about money aren't entirely of our own volition.


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How to Avoid Pickpocketers! VIDEO by @TravelnPleasure

 TravelingPublished on Mar 2016
Pickpocketing really sucks but it can easily be avoided once you know their tecniques, where it usually happens, and how you can identify the pickpocketers. And that's what we'll go over in this video.


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Atardecer en Caracas con arco iris sobre la zona de El Llanito

 CaracasHoy 28 de Diciembre el día está poco cálido y la naturaleza nos brinda un arco iris tenue pero que nos indica la posibilidad de que las cosas mejoren, una detalle con los arco iris en que pocas personas tienen la oportunidad de ver y muy pocas la capacidad para apreciarlo. Dios quiera que por ser día de los santos inocentes, este arco iris esté anunciando cosas buenas para este pobre país que ya no aguanta la indolencia de la mayoría de sus habitantes y que un día sus habitantes vuelvan a ser ciudadanos; no importa si de primera, segunda o tercera, pero ciudadanos.


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Es una alteración neurodegenerativa primaria que suele aparecer a partir de los 65 años,

 AlzheimerEl Alzheimer es una alteración neurodegenerativa primaria que suele aparecer a partir de los 65 años, aunque también puede presentarse entre gente más joven. Cuando una persona padece la enfermedad de Alzheimer, experimenta cambios microscópicos en el tejido de ciertas partes de su cerebro y una pérdida, progresiva, pero constante, de una sustancia química, vital para el funcionamiento cerebral, llamada acetilcolina. Esta sustancia permite que las células nerviosas se comuniquen entre ellas y está implicada en actividades mentales vinculadas al aprendizaje, memoria y pensamiento.


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Un país puede perder su libertad cuando descuida las reglas de la lengua materna.

 NoAlLenguajeSoezEn esta época de comunicaciones veloces, precisas y asertivas, de máquinas capaces de aprender, de planes de turismo interplanetario, en Venezuela sufrimos un deterioro acelerado en nuestra forma de interactuar con otras personas por medio del lenguaje hablado.
Un país que está sumido en la corrupción, donde manda el más violento y menos culto, encontramos gente que, de forma genuina y desinteresada, hace lo necesario para rescatar al país, y lo hace llamando la atención sobre la actividad que nos define la vida. Esta actividad es la comunicación verbal y escrita. En la red social Twitter @Jacogori (Cibercorrectora), lleva años iluminándonos con sus conocimientos en ortografía, a través de su cuenta. Ahora, lanza una iniciativa que todos debemos apoyar. ¿Dónde nace la iniciativa?: "Comencé esta campaña porque escuché a una amiga (señora mayor) tratar de #marica a su hija."
entre las actividades que realiza está publicar artículos en su blog: Educación y buenas costumbres, en el trato hacia los demás. Campaña #NoAlLenguajeSoez


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Futuro familiar

Cómo será el futuro de la familia depende de su planificación.

 Futuro familiarPresentamos un producto financiero diseñado para proteger de manera permanente a la familia.

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