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Blockchain: what it is?, How it really can change the world?

Blockchain: what it is?, How it really can change the world?     Blockchain “ the technology behind the bitcoin digital currency“ is a decentralized public ledger of transactions that no one person or company owns or controls. Instead, every user can access the entire blockchain, and every transfer of funds from one account to another is recorded in a secure and verifiable form by using mathematical techniques borrowed from cryptography. With copies of the blockchain scattered all over the planet, it is considered to be effectively tamper-proof. The challenges that bitcoin poses to law enforcement and international currency controls have been widely discussed. But the blockchain ledger has uses far beyond simple monetary transactions. Mostrar detalle

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Who is Peggy Whitson?

Who is Peggy Whitson?     NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, the only woman living onboard the International Space Station at the moment, is on track to break a big spaceflight record: at the end of April, she will have spent more cumulative hours in space than any other US astronaut. But now it looks like Whitson’s going to rack up even more flight time in lower Earth orbit than originally planned. NASA announced today that Whitson will be extending her stay on the ISS by an additional three months, adding even more hours to her record-breaking time in space. Whitson launched to the ISS in November 2016 on a Russian Soyuz rocket, along with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy and Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency. Their stay on the ISS, known as Expedition 51, was meant to last until June. That’s still true for Pesquet and Novitskiy, but Whitson will now come back sometime in September. Her trip back to Earth will be with NASA astronaut Jack Fischer and cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin — two crew members who are slated to launch to the ISS later this month Mostrar detalle

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Real transormer car


LETRONS READY FOR SHOW     In addition, LETVISION has been suported and awarded by the Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB as an registered succesfull R & D company. Especially Multi touch products as final product related actions aiming to reach the end user are succesfully produced. Among cars features are:

  • Real car Effective Size
  • Safety
  • Steering
  • Dynanic eye
  • Remote control
  • Sound
  • Fog
  • Interactivity
  • Arm Movements
  • Kinetic fingers
  • Wrist action
  • Power system
  • Dynanic lights
  • Remote control software
  • Wi-Fi Technology
  • Gear motor
  • Dynamic control system
  • Main control unit
  • Neck and head movement
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This New Motorcycle Helmet Removes Blindspots for Motorcyclist!

This New Motorcycle Helmet Removes Blindspots for Motorcyclist!      Mostrar detalle

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IoT Security

NIST unveils Internet of Things cybersecurity guidance

NIST unveils Internet of Things cybersecurity guidance     As the number of devices connecting to the internet increases exponentially every day, cybersecurity experts have grown concerned about the varying degrees of digital protections each offer. The National Institute of Standards and Technology sought to clarify that quandary on Nov. 15 by announcing new guidance on how to judge the cybersecurity of devices in the Internet of Things. The final draft of the new guidance, Special Publication 800-160, debuted at the Splunk GovSummit 2016, with co-author and NIST fellow Ron Ross outlining its benefits for the cybersecurity environment in helping determine the security of an estimated six to eight billion devices connected to the web. “If we look at the Internet of Things and this vast productivity, [the guidance] will allow us then, for all of those devices, to assign a level of trustworthiness to each one of those components,” he said. “Some of them are going to be highly trustworthy and some of them not so trustworthy, and that’s okay. But ultimately we need to bring to our systems a greater level of penetration persistence, making it harder for our adversaries to attack us and for those attacks to be successful.” Mostrar detalle

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Python generators

2 great benefits of Python generators (and how they changed me forever)

2 great benefits of Python generators (and how they changed me forever)     I had no idea how important it would turn out to be. It changed the way I wrote software forever, in every language. By "it," I mean a Python construct called generators. It´s hard to convey everything they can do for you in a few words; you´ll have to keep reading to find out. In a nutshell: they help your program efficiently scale, while at the same time providing delightful encapsulation patterns. Let me explain. Image from Mostrar detalle

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AUG-2016. New Tesla Model S Now the Quickest Production Car in the World

AUG-2016. New Tesla Model S Now the Quickest Production Car in the World     The Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode is the third fastest accelerating production car ever produced, with a 0-60 mph time of 2.5* seconds. However, both the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder were limited run, million dollar vehicles and cannot be bought new. While those cars are small two seaters with very little luggage space, the pure electric, all-wheel drive Model S P100D has four doors, seats up to 5 adults plus 2 children and has exceptional cargo capacity. The 100 kWh battery also increases range substantially to an estimated 315 miles on the EPA cycle and 613 km on the NEDC cycle, making it the first to go beyond 300 miles and the longest range production electric vehicle by far. Mostrar detalle

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LEGO Drone

Building LEGO-Based Drones that Are Rebuildable and Customizable

Building LEGO-Based Drones that Are Rebuildable and Customizable     Flying drones have captured the imagination of the public, with the ability to fly remote-controlled robots high in the sky or provide a unique way to film events. As technology advances, flying drones have become much more sophisticated and bring more to the table for tinkerers, professionals and novices alike. Looking to take advantage of these advances and consumer imagination is Flybrix, a maker of drones that can be built using LEGO bricks. Flybrix sells drone kits that include LEGOs and all the necessary materials needed to make a flying device that can be built, then fall apart or crash, and then be built again. While Flybrix says anyone can build a drone based on its kit, the central part of the technology includes microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), an ARM processor, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and more, allowing it also to be used by professionals looking for more of a challenge in their design. Holly Kasun, chief operating officer at Flybrix, took some time to talk with IEEE Electronics 360 to explain the idea behind LEGO flying drones, the technology behind the devices and what you can build using their designs. Mostrar detalle

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Scientists Publish First Catalog Of All Proteins In Human Body

Scientists Publish First Catalog Of All Proteins In Human Body     Every gene in our body has is meant to create proteins. The creation of the proteins is often instructed by the DNA, which makes their presence all the more intriguing. This is precisely why scientists are publishing the human proteome, a compilation of all the proteins in a human body. The publication will be a result of the works of two teams of scientists. One of these teams studied samples from 17 organs of nine people, trying to discern different types of proteins. 72 scientists from all over the globe participated in this effort, resulting in the cataloging of proteins made by 17,294 genes, including 2535 such genes which were previously unknown or little known in the world of medical science. Mostrar detalle

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Next step toward driverless cars: Tesla updates Autopilot

Next step toward driverless cars: Tesla updates Autopilot     Speed caps are being raised for the autopilot function in newer Tesla cars, from 55 mph to 80 mph, in the form of new software that the company has started streaming into its vehicles. The software update, called Autopilot 8.1, lets the cars pretty much drive themselves on highways up to the posted speed limit, or a maximum of 80. The cars will stay in their lanes, turn around curves without driver intervention, and will pass vehicles automatically with a flick of the turn signal. Human drivers are warned to pay attention, and the system will send warnings if hands aren’t placed on the steering wheel periodically, and the car will slow down and stop if the human fails to comply. Tesla cars have had Autopilot for years but new models began being fitted with an expanded set of sensor hardware last October. The 55 mph Autopilot speed cap was placed on those cars, which Autopilot 8.1 lifts with its updates that started rolling out on Wednesday. Mostrar detalle

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