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Improve your inventory management.

 InventoryGood inventroy tracking menas good finantial performance. Using profesional invetory tracking tools improves time managemet and assets knowlege. ADC is the perferct partner for thos goal. learn more at Symtechven


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Habits of highly effective developers

 ProgrammingLarry Wall, the original author of the Perl programming language, once said that great programmers have three virtues: laziness, impatience, and hubris.

Laziness because it drives them to write labor-saving programs and document them well so they won't have to answer questions about them. Impatience because it motivates them to write programs that anticipate your needs. And hubris because it makes them want to write tight code that other people won't criticize.

[ Find out how to handle the real-world problems faced by developers, with InfoWorld's professional programmer's business survival guide. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's Application Development newsletter. ]
But great programmers aren't always the most productive ones, and the developer who gets the everyday jobs done well is much more effective than the one who occasionally reaches dizzying coding heights. And for most employers it's the area under the curve that counts, not the highest point it reaches.


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Transistor origin

Who was William B. Shockley?

 Transistor originWilliam Shockley was born in London, England, on 13th February, 1910, the son of William Hillman Shockley, a mining engineer born in Massachusetts and his wife, Mary (née Bradford) who had also been engaged in mining, being a deputy mineral surveyor in Nevada.

The family returned to the United States in 1913 and William Jr. was educated in California, taking his B.Sc. degree at the California Institute of Technology in 1932. He studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Professor J.C. Slater and obtained his Ph.D. in 1936, submitting a thesis on the energy band structure of sodium chloride. The same year he joined Bell Telephone Laboratories, working in the group headed by Dr. C.J. Davisson and remained there (with brief absences for war service, etc.) until 1955. He resigned his post of Director of the Transistor Physics Department to become Director of the Shockley Semi-conductor Laboratory of Beckman Instruments, Inc., at Mountain View, California, for research development and production of new transistor and other semiconductor devices. In 1963 he was named first Alexander M. Poniatoff Professor of Engineering Science at Stanford University, where he will act as professor-at-large in engineering and applied sciences.


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Reddit to Combat Fake News by Banning 'Toxic' Users by @PCMag


Toxic users banned by Reddit

Reddit will ban hundreds of users for making inappropriate comments, its CEO Steve Huffman announced today, less than a week after he admitted to secretly modifying the comments of posters on the site's forums dedicated to Donald Trump.

"We have identified hundreds of the most toxic users and are taking action against them, ranging from warnings to timeouts to permanent bans," Huffman wrote in a Wednesday post on Reddit, which bills itself as the "front page" of the Internet.


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Big Data

Why is Big Data so important for enterprises by @OpenSourceForU

 Big DataThe five Vs of Big Data
We can identify Big Data with the help of the following characteristics:
1. Volume: Big Data is characterised largely on the basis of the quantity of generated and stored data.
2. Variety: The type and nature of the Big Data helps people who analyse it to effectively use the resulting insights.
3. Velocity: Big Data is also identified by the rate at which the data is generated and processed to meet various demands.
4. Variability: We can consider a data set to be Big Data if it’s not consistent, hampering various processes that are used to handle and manage it.
5. Veracity: In some sets of data, the quality varies greatly and it becomes a challenging task to analyse such sets, as this leads to a lot of confusion during analysis.
The various challenges associated with such large amounts of data include:
1. Searching, sharing and transferring
2. Curating the data
3. Analysis and capture
4. Storage, updation and querying
5. Information privacy


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In Practice: What ingredients make the best physicists?

 PhysicistsCERN’s main restaurant, imaginatively named Restaurant 1, is a vital part of the life of any physicist on the campus. At any moment — weekends and nights included — you’ll find groups of young, enthusiastic students chattering animatedly about their work, or individuals hunched over laptops, clutching coffee and wearing huge headphones.
Sat on the end of one of these high, long tables discussing what makes a successful physicist, Dr Anne-Marie Magnan giggles: “For a while I was interested in philosophy but I think it was just because I had a crush on the teacher… I quickly went back to physics!”

“Opportunities came up, I was interested so I applied and got them. For me, it was physics from early on.” She explains that being able to change direction, and be open to what life throws at you is, she believes, key to being a good experimental physicist.
“Sometimes the best physicist is one that’s able to take us in a new direction, to see a new way where you might be more successful,” she continues.
Magnan now works for CERN’s CMS experiment and supervises several of the collaboration’s budding young scientists. “The absolute best physicists I’ve ever seen are people who are very good at building on what they know by seeing a way to change it slightly and finding a new path,” she explains.


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How Big Data Is Used To Fight Cyber Crime And Hackers by @BernardMarr

 Cyber-CrimeAttempts by hackers to bring down online systems and compromise valuable data are on the rise. Just last month, one of the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks ever launched was responsible for making the internet unusable across large parts of the USA, and services at Twitter, Netflix and many other places were forced offline.

These attacks are sometimes carried out to steal data. By breaking the systems through hitting them with brute force traffic, they potentially make them more vulnerable to more targeted attacks. Sometimes they are carried out as a warning shot – a show of strength to let someone know that the attacker is serious and has cyber-firepower at their fingertips.


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Personal, Security

Tricks to keep criminals from stealing your info by @sushbaral

 Personal, SecurityWith just a few bits of information, sophisticated criminals can steal your identity. It's more common than you'd think: According to the United States Department of Justice, 7% of U.S. residents age 16 or older were victims of identity theft in 2014.

While one of the most common forms of identity theft is using someone's credit card information to make unauthorized charges, there are other, more serious crimes that can be committed, including applying for new credit cards, filing false taxes and medical identity theft, where health care services are accessed under a false identity.

Protecting yourself from all these forms of theft requires making sure your sensitive personal information is secure.


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Siemens SICAM PAS Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities (Update) by @ICSCERT



This updated advisory is a follow-up to the original advisory titled ICSA-16-182-02A Siemens SICAM PAS Vulnerabilities that was published November 29, 2016, on the NCCIC/ICS-CERT web site.
Positive Technologies’ Ilya Karpov and Dmitry Sklyarov have identified two vulnerabilities in the Siemens SICAM PAS (Power Automation System). Siemens has produced a new version and mitigation instructions to address these vulnerabilities


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bug bounty

IRS launches first civilian agency bug bounty program

 bug bountyBy: Aaron Boyd, November 15, 2016 (Photo Credit: Synack)
After the Department of Defense lauded the success of the Hack the Pentagon bug bounty program, it seemed only a matter of time before other departments got in on the action.

While the Army announced Friday that it will be following the Pentagon’s lead, the IRS on Tuesday became the first civilian agency to launch a bug bounty program.

Partnering with bounty facilitator Synack — who recently signed on to manage the second phase of the Pentagon’s program — the tax collection agency will allow a select group of vetted white hat hackers to test its systems for weaknesses.


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Achievement in the Australian National University @ScienceDaily @EdithCowanUni


'Ghost imaging' with atoms demonstrated

A team of physicists in Australia has used a technique known as 'ghost imaging' to create an image of an object from atoms that never interact with it. This is the first time that ghost imaging has been achieved using atoms, although it has previously been demonstrated with light, leading to applications being developed for imaging and remote sensing through turbulent environments.


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Cooling technique helps researchers 'target' a major component for a new collider. by @physorg_com

 PhysicsAlthough a lot of time and effort in particle physics are devoted to finding ways to increase the energy of certain experiments, sometimes it is even more important to find ways to safely, quickly and easily remove energy from an experiment.

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Argonne National Laboratory have recently developed a new ultra-low-friction sliding contact mechanism that uses chilled water to remove heat from a key component of a next-generation collider.
"When you think about driving a car, you have to use friction to brake your wheels," said Wei Gai, an Argonne high-energy physicist and leader of the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator group. "For us, the key challenge was in finding a way to have a brake-like contact of metal pads against a high speeding wheel without much friction."
For the past two years, Gai and his colleagues have been attempting to assemble a working prototype for a key component of the proposed future International Linear Collider (ILC). This device, called a "positron target," would enable scientists to produce positrons, the antimatter sibling particle of the electron.



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