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The Future is Bright for Banking

 PSD22018 is likely to be a game-changing year for the banking and finance sector. As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) are implemented across the European Union, the exclusive control of banks and other financial institutions on financial data of their customers is about to end. These new regulations will open the door to almost any company interested in claiming a share, particularly the tech giants, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google.
While this may look like a challenge to many, we, as journey science experts, view this as an opportunity for banks to partner with large tech, eCommerce, and fintech enterprises and leverage their expertise at managing customer experiences to revolutionize customer journeys and offer an improved, more holistic experience to their end-users.

In this article, we have reviewed how implementation of PSD2 and GDPR will transform the banking and finance industry and result in a new wave of partnerships between banks and ecosystem enterprises to create a win-win situation for everyone, including customers, financial institutions, major tech players, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, eCommerce companies, as well as small fintech start-ups.


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Trump’s “Energy Independence” Order: Both Uncertainty And Opportunity

 US-Energy-IndependencePresident Trump has issued an executive order to dismantle the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The “Energy Independence” order lifts a moratorium on federal coal leasing, triggers a review of methane and hydraulic fracturing restrictions, and eliminates use of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “social cost of carbon” in policymaking. From a climate action perspective, there is widespread agreement that the order is bad news for U.S. emissions. Interestingly, 62 percent of Trump voters support taxing and/or regulating pollution causing global warming, and nearly three-quarters think the U.S. should use more renewable energy in future.


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Is a Russia-Saudi ​d​eal on the ​h​orizon?

 Russia-SaudiRussian president Vladimir Putin met with Saudi Defense Minister in Sochi on October 11th, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was holding a meeting with his Saudi counterpart. The parties discussed Syria and agreed upon the necessity to prevent the creation of a terrorist caliphate. The levers of a hypothetical Russian-Saudi deal would be: a rise in oil prices, possibly accompanied by Saudi arms purchases, and on the Russian side, the guarantee that Assad will leave after a transition period, along with some kind of a Saudi “right of scrutiny” on Russian arms sales to Iran.


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National Interest Interview: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

 RussiaThe interview covers various topics: Ukraine, Syria, U.S. presidential election, U.S.-Russia cooperation:
“I don’t believe that we are having another Cold War … we have much clearer common threats, like terrorism, like chaos in the Middle East … so this absolutely makes it necessary to reassess where we are and what kind of cooperative structure we need … President Trump is emphasizing the need to concentrate on U.S. interests … in this he certainly holds the same position as we do in Moscow that we don’t want to meddle in other people’s matters.” (Sergey Lavrov)


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Japan PM Abe Courts Saudi King In Historic Meeting

 Japan-SaudiSaudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud and Japan PM Shinzo Abe met in Tokyo and agreed to launch a feasibility study on setting up special deregulated economic zones to attract Japanese firms to the Middle Eastern country. A joint statement entitled Saudi Japan Vision 2030 identified nine main areas of cooperation, including energy, competitive industry, investment and finance, health care and medicine, and high-quality social infrastructure. This was the first visit to Japan by a Saudi Arabian king in 46 years, and considered “historic.” Saudi Arabia is Japan’s largest oil supplier.


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MENA Region: Pushing Through Critical Energy Projects This Year

 MENAIn the Middle East North Africa region $622 billion worth of development is planned in the energy sector for the next five years. The power sector accounts for the largest share at $207 billion, with the oil and gas sector at $195 billion and $159 billion respectively. Leading the drive will be Saudi Arabia, and Iraq and Iran will play catch-up. Algeria will pump billions into its upstream sector, and much is expected from Egypt’s recent gas. Renewable-energy projects will be at the forefront of efforts to meet rising power demand in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan.


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“Shale 2.0”: Shale Drilling Turned From Art Into Science

 ShaleExxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron plan to spend a combined $10 billion this year in American shale. If successful, they’ll scramble the U.S. energy business, boost American oil production, keep prices low, and steal influence from big producers. Furthermore, they are transforming shale drilling into a more economical operation. At Bongo 76-43, Shell is drilling five wells in a single pad for the first time, each about 20 feet apart, and is now able to drill 16 wells with a single rig every year, up from six in 2013.


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Malala Yousafzai designated youngest-ever UN Messenger of Peace

 Women10 April 2017 – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today designated children’s rights activist and Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai as a UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on girls’ education.

“You have been to the most difficult places […] visited several refugee camps. Your foundation has schools in Lebanon, in the Beka’a Valley,” said Mr. Guterres at a ceremony in the Trusteeship Council chamber at UN Headquarters, in New York.

“[You are a] symbol of perhaps the most important thing in the world, education for all,” he highlighted.

Ms. Yousafzai, who was shot in 2012 by the Taliban for attending classes, is the youngest-ever UN Messenger of Peace and the first one to be designated by Secretary-General Guterres since he assumed office in January this year.

Accepting the accolade, Ms. Yousafzai underscored the importance of education, especially education of girls, for advancing communities and societies.


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Essentials For Excellent Customer Service by @MikeSchiemer

 CustomerCustomer service is one of the most important business segments because it involves direct contact with potential buyers. Exceptional customer service practices can drive sales and improve company’s reputation.

According with @MikeSchiemer, these are:

Positive Language.
Master Time Management.
Apply Basic Behavioral Psychology Principles.
Calming Approach.
Use Advanced Customer Service Technology.
Persuasion Skills.
Product Knowledge.

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What is 32-bit and 64-bit? by @TechAdvisorUK

 AdvicePCs, laptops, Macs, Windows, phones and tablets - everything is 64-bit these days. Even some smartphones are 64-bit.
The main reason for the switch from 32-bit is to get past the limit on the amount of memory a 32-bit processor can access.
What is 32-bit and 64-bit?
Put simply, 32-bit is shorthand for a 32-bit number. This number contains 32 bits (binary digits) which are either 0 or 1. And example could be 10101010101010101010101010101010.
A 32-bit processor is - by definition - capable of dealing with instructions and referencing memory locations of 32-bits.


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Brain cell therapy 'promising' for Parkinson's disease

 ParkinsonScientists believe they have found a way to treat and perhaps reverse Parkinson's disease, by making replacement cells to mend the damaged brain.
They say human brain cells can be coaxed to take over the job of the ones that are destroyed in Parkinson's.
Tests in mice with Parkinson-like symptoms showed that the therapy appeared to ease the condition.
Many more studies are needed before similar tests can begin in people.
Experts say the research published in Nature Biotechnology is hugely promising, although at a very early stage.
The scientists still have to check if the treatment is safe, and whether the converted cells, which started out in life as astrocytes, can truly function like the dopamine-producing neurons lost in Parkinson's. read more in bbc.com


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Everything You Need to Know about Dollar-Denominated Cryptocurrencies

 CryptocurrenciesA well-known obstacle to the greater popularity of Bitcoin as a medium of payment is the high volatility of its exchange value. This volatility results from its built-in quantity commitment: because the number of Bitcoins in existence stays on a programmed path, variations in the real demand to hold Bitcoin must be accommodated entirely by variations in its unit value. When demand goes up, there is no quantity increase to dampen the rise in price; and vice-versa for a fall in demand.

Not surprisingly, several cryptocurrency developers have thought of creating a cryptocurrency with a price commitment–namely a pegged exchange rate with the US dollar–rather than a quantity commitment, in hopes of greater popularity. The aim is to create a system in which dollar-denominated payments can be made with the ease, security, and low cost of Bitcoin payments, but without the exchange-rate risk.


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Who is Peggy Whitson?

 WomenNASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, the only woman living onboard the International Space Station at the moment, is on track to break a big spaceflight record: at the end of April, she will have spent more cumulative hours in space than any other US astronaut. But now it looks like Whitson’s going to rack up even more flight time in lower Earth orbit than originally planned. NASA announced today that Whitson will be extending her stay on the ISS by an additional three months, adding even more hours to her record-breaking time in space.

Whitson launched to the ISS in November 2016 on a Russian Soyuz rocket, along with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy and Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency. Their stay on the ISS, known as Expedition 51, was meant to last until June. That’s still true for Pesquet and Novitskiy, but Whitson will now come back sometime in September. Her trip back to Earth will be with NASA astronaut Jack Fischer and cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin — two crew members who are slated to launch to the ISS later this month


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El robot marítimo de la UTN-UNPA-CONICET, fue un éxito completo”

 RobotsEl novedoso robot marítimo de investigación y patrullaje, es movido por energía mareomotriz. Durante dos días de pruebas, el drone actuó exitosamente, recabando importantísimos datos sobre el Mar Argentino y soportando además airoso una de las peores tormentas de los últimos años.
El pasado 24 de marzo, TiempoSur adelantó la partida de un equipo de investigación de UTN-UNPA-CONICET con destino a San Antonio Este –provincia de Río Negro- para probar el novedoso drone acuático Wave Glider.
Este aparato es capaz de realizar misiones de exploración científica y patrullaje de manera totalmente ecológica, movido solamente por energía mareomotriz, mientras que sus sensores funcionan con energía solar.


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Hong Kong Launches Blockchain Trade Finance Platform With Deloitte, Top Banks

 BlockchainWith Deloitte as one of the Big Four auditors, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the region’s top five banks have officially launched a Blockchain platform for trade finance.

Earlier this month, HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, Hang Seng Bank and Standard Chartered co-introduced a proof of concept Blockchain platform for use with trade finance operations which include lending, issuing letters of credit, factoring, export credit and insurance.

Joshua Kroeker, the senior product manager for global trade and receivables finance at HSBC, stated that the Hong Kong government along with Deloitte and partner banks launched the Blockchain platform to demonstrate the technology’s potential in the conventional finance industry.

More importantly, Kroeker emphasized that HKMA and the five participant banks are aiming to utilize Blockchain technology to increase efficiency, transparency and security in trade finance while eliminating the possibility of fraudulent activities by automating most processes.


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The Pentagon operates the oldest computer program still in use – from 1958

 PentagonIn 1958, the DoD’s first contracting software was launched, using an early computer language called COBOL. As of 2017, that software still manages Pentagon contracts.
According to Technology Review, the program known as MOCAS, Mechanization of Contract Administration Services, began its life on punchcards. Eventually it was updated to green screened, terminal-style computers.
Though a new-looking graphic interface often replaces the antiquated green text prompts, the insides are still very much the same. A series of new additions and plug-and-play storage devices hides an eight-gigabyte RAM system that manages $1.3 trillion in Pentagon contracting.
The reason the system was never replaced is due to the fact that its replacement would have to immediately take over the entire system as a whole to ensure that no contract — and none of the money — is lost in the transition.


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Scientists Publish First Catalog Of All Proteins In Human Body

 ProteinsEvery gene in our body has is meant to create proteins. The creation of the proteins is often instructed by the DNA, which makes their presence all the more intriguing. This is precisely why scientists are publishing the human proteome, a compilation of all the proteins in a human body.

The publication will be a result of the works of two teams of scientists. One of these teams studied samples from 17 organs of nine people, trying to discern different types of proteins. 72 scientists from all over the globe participated in this effort, resulting in the cataloging of proteins made by 17,294 genes, including 2535 such genes which were previously unknown or little known in the world of medical science.


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SpaceX is saving a ton of money by re-using Falcon 9 rockets

 SpaceXSpaceX is deep into the development of reusable rockets to slash launch costs for future missions, so one has to wonder how much its historic SES-10 mission saved. At the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado, SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell has revealed that the company spent "substantially less than half" the cost of a new first stage for the Falcon 9 reflight. While she didn't mention specific figures, that means huge savings, since the rocket's first stage accounts for around 75 to 80 of its total cost.

Shotwell said the private space corporation managed to save money even though it did a lot of work examining and refurbishing the flight-proven booster. SpaceX expects those cost savings to grow, since they won't do as much work on future recovered rockets as they did for the SES-10 launch.


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Next step toward driverless cars: Tesla updates Autopilot

 AutopilotSpeed caps are being raised for the autopilot function in newer Tesla cars, from 55 mph to 80 mph, in the form of new software that the company has started streaming into its vehicles.
The software update, called Autopilot 8.1, lets the cars pretty much drive themselves on highways up to the posted speed limit, or a maximum of 80.
The cars will stay in their lanes, turn around curves without driver intervention, and will pass vehicles automatically with a flick of the turn signal.
Human drivers are warned to pay attention, and the system will send warnings if hands aren’t placed on the steering wheel periodically, and the car will slow down and stop if the human fails to comply.
Tesla cars have had Autopilot for years but new models began being fitted with an expanded set of sensor hardware last October. The 55 mph Autopilot speed cap was placed on those cars, which Autopilot 8.1 lifts with its updates that started rolling out on Wednesday.


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Sobre el inconstitucional exhorto del Consejo de Defensa Nacional al TSJ; por José Ignacio Hernández en @prodavinci

 ConstituciónA las 12 y 20 de la madrugada del 1 de abril de 2017, el Presidente de la República presentó las conclusiones del Consejo de Defensa de la Nación ante la “controversia” relacionada con las sentencias Nro. 155 y 156 de la Sala Constitucional.

Entre otros “acuerdos”, se comunicó que el Consejo de Defensa de la Nación exhortó a la Sala Constitucional a “revisar” las sentencias Nro. 155 y 156, con el propósito de mantener la estabilidad institucional y equilibrio de poderes. Además se agradeció las gestiones del Presidente de la República. Con lo cual, según se dijo, la “controversia” quedó superada, invitándose a la oposición al diálogo.

En realidad, si valoramos el comunicado en el marco de la Constitución, este comunicado no resuelve la situación que llevó a la ruptura del orden constitucional en Venezuela. Más bien, tal comunicado viene a evidenciar, toda más, cómo esa ruptura se mantiene hoy día.


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¿Qué es, en realidad, un inventario?

 LogísticaInventario, una palabra que no nos es desconocida del todo, ha alcanzado una notoriedad
muy alta, hemos escuchado que debemos mantener niveles óptimos de inventarios, pero
¿Qué es eso?; ¿Cuánto inventario se deber mantener? Si se mantienen inventarios
demasiado altos, el costo podría llevar a una empresa a tener problemas de liquidez
financiera, esto ocurre porque un inventario "congelado" inmoviliza recursos que podrían
ser mejor utilizados en funciones más productivas de la organización. Además, el
inventario "congelado" tiende a tornarse obsoleto, a quedar fuera de uso y corre el riesgo
de dañarse.
Por otro lado, si se mantiene un nivel insuficiente de inventario, podría no atenderse a los
clientes de forma satisfactoria, lo cual genera reclamaciones, reducción de ganancias y
pérdida de mercado, al no afirmar la confiabilidad de los clientes en la capacidad de
reacción de la empresa, ante las fluctuaciones del mercado.


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Las partes básicas de un Almacén

 AlmacénUn Almacén bien administrado debe contar con:
Un edificio.
Ambientes bien delineados.
Racks bien identificados.
Posiciones bien identificadas en los racks.
Equipamiento técnico para el manejo del tipo de material que se almacena.
Equipamiento de computación necesario para administrar la información del almacén.
Personal bien entrenado en las mejores prácticas de logística.



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