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The spread operator by @BrandonMorelli

 JavaScriptWhat does it look like? Three dots: ...
What does it do? The spread operator allows an expression to be expanded in places where multiple elements/variables/arguments are expected.
Boring stuff out of the way, let’s look at a bunch of examples to better understand what in the heck the spread operator actually is.
Create an array called middle
Create a second array which contains the middle array
Log out the result
var middle = [3, 4];
var arr = [1, 2, middle, 5, 6];
// [1, 2, [3, 4], 5, 6]
Above, we don’t use the spread operator. By doing this, when the arr array is created, the middle array is inserted into the middle of the arr array as an array within an array.
This is fine if that’s the goal, but what if we want only a single array?
We can use the spread operator. Again, the spread operator allows the elements of our array to expand. Take a look at the code below, everything is the same — except we’re using the spread operator:
var middle = [3, 4];
var arr = [1, 2, ...middle, 5, 6];
// [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
Remember the spread operator definition you just read above? Here’s where it comes into play. As you can see, when we create the arr array and use the spread operator on the middle array, instead of just being inserted, the middle array expands. Each element in the middle array is inserted into the arr array. This means that instead of nested arrays, we are left with a simple array of numbers ranging from 1 to 6.


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Best Practices on Migrating from a Data Warehouse to a Big Data Platform. BY Michael Farnbach

 DataOffloading cold or unused data and ETL workloads from a data warehouse to Hadoop/big data platforms is a very common starting point for enterprises beginning their big data journey. Platforms like Hadoop provide an economical way to store data and do bulk processing of large data sets; hence, it’s not surprising that cost is the primary driver for this initial use case.

What do these projects look like when they are actually implemented? In this post, we’ll take a look at the different factors to think about, we’ll provide a methodology for implementing data warehouse offloads, and demonstrate how things translate in a Hadoop/big data world. In the traditional data warehouse world, people are very used to sequencing tasks and workflows. Data has to be extracted from source systems, transformed, and then loaded into the target, i.e., data warehouses.

In the traditional data warehousing world, structure and schemas are essential, which lead to clearly defined transformations. In the Hadoop and big data world, data doesn’t need to be stored as a structured format. New tools work without schema, or apply schema on read, or are optimized for columnar, key value pair and document databases as such. There is no real extract and loading—it’s all about the transformations that occur after the data lands in the cluster. When offloading from a data warehouse, both data and transformations are being moved. Data lifecycle is an important topic with three main areas to consider: data ingest, data integrations, and data delivery.


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BlueCart Acquires Sous, Leading Hospitality Tech Innovation

 BarcodeMOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueCart, Inc., a leading, cloud-based ordering and customer management platform for restaurants and their suppliers, announced today that it has acquired mobile-first restaurant administration platform Sous for an undisclosed amount. Sous users will be given access to the BlueCart app and its expansive network of industry buyers and suppliers effective immediately.

"BlueCart is rapidly innovating to build what we at Sous believe will be an essential part of the restaurant stack," notes Sous Founder and CEO Don J. Kahn. "We're very excited to be working together on this shared vision."

Both Don J. and BlueCart CEO Konstantin Zvereff recognize that the real value in this partnership lies in giving more clients access to greater innovation. Sous users are concentrated mainly in New York City – an area where BlueCart has already seen some of its fastest growth over the last two years – and the expansion of market share there, coupled with BlueCart's network effect growth model, gives the company a significant advantage in connecting restaurants and suppliers throughout the region with mobile-first technology.

Zvereff states, "Sous offered a great opportunity to add to BlueCart's market share in the New York area. As we continue to see wholesale procurement accelerating on mobile platforms, we saw an opportunity to acquire a mobile-first platform and further accentuate BlueCart's market leadership."


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Voice input are becoming more oft-used modes of interactiont. @businessinsider

 VoiceOver the past year, new capabilities in voice assistants and smartphone cameras have moved into the forefront, as more powerful devices and more sophisticated software have enabled voice- and camera-based experiences that are more seamless and intuitive than text-based digital interaction. Here are the related insights that Meeker touched on in the report:

The voice-based word accuracy rate from Google reached 95% in 2017. The 95% accuracy rate represents the threshold for human accuracy and the point at which consumer uptake of voice assistants should rally. The ability for voice assistants to accurately identify voice input is only one part of the battle, with contextual understanding being the next major threshold that artificial intelligence needs to cross to drive more usage of digital voice assistants. BI Intelligence takes a deep dive into the voice assistant market in its Voice Assistant Landscape Report.


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Servicio de mantenimiento y reparación de neveras

 RefrigeraciónServicio de reparación y mantenimiento de neveras.

Técnico independiente de reparación mantenimiento e instalación de neveras comerciales y domesticas.
Servicio garantizado.
Precios accesibles.
Reparamos compresores.

Llame para una cotización.

0416 166 17 97
Victor Rodriguez.
Su técnico de confianza.
Se atiende la gran Caracas y los valles del Tuy.
email: victoralfonsorodriguez1985@gmail.com


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Infusión digestiva y relajante

Infusión de hierbas que facilitan la digestión y ayudan en caso de gastritis.

 Infusión digestiva y relajante
mezcla aromática que contiene:

  1. Hinojo:

    Sus propiedades han sido altamente utilizadas en la medicina alternativa para combatir el hambre, el sueño, el mal aliento, los parásitos intestinales y otras infecciones.

  2. Hierbabuena:

    Relaja los músculos lisos en el tracto digestivo, por lo que ayuda a aliviar dolencias en el estómago. También es efectiva contra el mal aliento y los problemas orales.

  3. Anís estrellado:

    Es una especia originaria de China y Vietnam que se ha utilizado principalmente para reducir los gases producidos en el estómago,como diurético y para combatir la diarrea e indigestión.

  4. Malojillo:

    Ayuda a mejorar las flatulencias, los síntomas más desagradables de la gastritis y otros problemas del tracto digestivo.


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Té verde

El té verde regula el flujo de la circulación sanguínea.

 Té verdeDesde hace tiempos ancestrales se utiliza para promover la salud y actualmente el té verde, es uno de los más producidos en el mundo,

En Asia, están los principales productores de este té, que se ha vuelto muy popular en Occidente. Una de las grandes propiedades del té verde, es la presencia de polifenoles catequina, en particular galato de epigalocatequina, o EGCG, una sustancia antioxidante, que incide en la prevención de enfermedades.

Es muy bien apreciado por el paladar, lo que lo ha hecho ganar popularidad entre las plantas terapéuticas, dándole un vuelco a la salud de muchas personas. Dentro de las propiedades del té verde, tenemos la presencia de vitaminas C y E, isoflavonas y catequinas, que previenen el envejecimiento a diferencia de otros alimentos que más bien lo aceleran, alcaloides, que es un estimulante o polifenoles, que ayuda en la digestión.

Se puede conseguir en Native Botica. -
La Candelaria. Caracas.
Teléfonos: 0212-578-11-45


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Optimice su sistema circulatorio bebiendo esta agradable infusión.

 SaludLa flor de Jamaica, conocida también con el nombre de rosa de Albasinia, es una planta que proviene de África y se cultiva en todas partes del mundo. Posee grandes virtudes medicinales y sus beneficios son aprovechados cuando se consume su cáliz. La flor de Jamaica, además de muchas cosas más, posee gran cantidad de antioxidantes, es antiparasitaria, muy buena para los riñones y ayuda a reducir la hipertensión arterial.
Siempre es bueno consultar al médico.

Se puede conseguir en Native Botica. -
La Candelaria. Caracas.
Teléfonos: 0212-578-11-45


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El mundo reacciona a la decisión de Trump de retirar a EE.UU. del Acuerdo Climático

 ClimaPor CNN Español
18:01 ET (22:01 GMT) 1 junio, 2017
(CNN Español) – Después de que el presidente de Estados Unidos Donald Trump anunciara su decisión de retirar a Estados Unidos del acuerdo climático de París, el mundo no tardó en reaccionar. Si bien la movida de Trump no fue sorpresiva –responde a una de sus promesas de campaña–, sí le cayó mal a mucho porque afecta de forma severa los esfuerzos globales para detener el calentamiento global.

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Ayuda para quitar la gripe.

 RespiraciónAliviese de una vez por todas con esta agradable combinación de Saúco, Borraja y Eucalipto, preparada en forma de infusión, coadyuvante en el tratamiento de gripe, asma bronquial, bronquitis, rinitis y sinusitis.

Para prepararlo, agregue una cucharadita en una taza de agua caliente, endulce y consuma el resultado dos o tres veces por día.

Se puede conseguir en Native Botica. -
La Candelaria. Caracas.
Teléfonos: 0212-578-11-45


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Why using AI in sentencing criminals might be a bad idea. @wef

 JusticeArtificial intelligence is already helping determine your future – whether it’s your Netflix viewing preferences, your suitability for a mortgage or your compatibility with a prospective employer. But can we agree, at least for now, that having an AI determine your guilt or innocence in a court of law is a step too far?

Worryingly, it seems this may already be happening. When American Chief Justice John Roberts recently attended an event, he was asked whether he could forsee a day “when smart machines, driven with artificial intelligences, will assist with courtroom fact finding or, more controversially even, judicial decision making”. He responded: “It’s a day that’s here and it’s putting a significant strain on how the judiciary goes about doing things”.

Roberts might have been referring to the recent case of Eric Loomis, who was sentenced to six years in prison at least in part by the recommendation of a private company’s secret proprietary software. Loomis, who has a criminal history and was sentenced for having fled the police in a stolen car, now asserts that his right to due process was violated as neither he nor his representatives were able to scrutinise or challenge the algorithm behind the recommendation.


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Internet blackout

Ethiopia Causes Internet Blackout due to Leaked Exam Papers reporten in @themerklenews

 Internet blackoutInternet blackouts are often considered to be highly controversial. After all, it is often used as a tool by oppressive regimes to enforce censorship on all residents. However, the latest blackout in Ethiopia is a result of a different mindset. The government decided this was the best course of action after the exam papers for grade 10 examinations were successfully leaked. Yes you’ve read right, and this isn’t a joke.


It is always disconcerting to see an entire nation disappear off the Internet for some reason. Oppressive regimes often cause nationwide internet blackouts as a way to enforce censorship and control the masses. Such measures should never be taken lightly unless there is absolutely no other viable option to address a specific problem. Leaked examination papers may not necessarily warrant such a drastic decision, though.

However, over in Ethiopia the government feels they have no other option. With the grade 10 examination papers leaked on the internet, the only course of action was to shut down access for the entire country. This means no one in the country can access the Internet under any circumstance, regardless of their reason to do so. Such a decision does not sit well with the general public by any means, though.


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India will sell only electric cars within the next 13 years. reported in @wef

 CarsEvery car sold in India from 2030 will be electric, under new government plans that have delighted environmentalists and dismayed the oil industry.

It’s hoped that by ridding India’s roads of petrol and diesel cars in the years ahead, the country will be able to reduce the harmful levels of air pollution that contribute to a staggering 1.2 million deaths per year.

India’s booming economy has seen it become the world’s third-largest oil importer, shelling out $150 billion annually for the resource – so a switch to electric-powered vehicles would put a sizable dent in demand for oil. It’s been calculated that the revolutionary move would save the country $60 billion in energy costs by 2030, while also reducing running costs for millions of Indian car owners.


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Energy management

Wireless CTs (current transformer): An Overview in @PanPwr

 Energy managementCurrent transformers certainly aren’t a new invention. Since the first prototype was built in 1885, the current transformer (CT) has been an essential component of the system that measures and distributes electrical current.
Indeed, the CT’s basic function has remained relatively unchanged for more than 130 years, with electrical systems large and small relying on CTs to make electrical current usable, manageable, measureable and safe.

It goes without saying that the world of electricity-powered devices has changed drastically since the current transformer burst onto the scene. While the basic principle has remained the same, CT’s components have altered to support the use of electricity in our everyday lives. Today, updates to CT design and engineering fit them into devices as small as a 9-volt battery and make them powerful enough to back systems as large as an electrical grid.


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Musk to Tesla employees: I personally want to know about every factory injury. Reported in @svbizjournal

 ManagementTesla CEO Elon Musk is making factory worker safety a top priority, saying in a new unconfirmed memo that he wants to personally review every injury report, and meet with every injured employee to get feedback on how to improve safety.

“No words can express how much I care about your safety and wellbeing,” Musk wrote in a company-wide memo Thursday. “It breaks my heart when someone is injured building cars and trying their best to make Tesla successful.”



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