Why is the number 1 programming language on the rise?

Why is the number 1 programming language on the rise?
This is an interesting chart where we see the "trendy programming language" to learn. A few years ago when I as starting my online media site, my technical partners were all very eager to discuss what development tools they were going to used. At one point everybody was talking about Python and a few developers were suggesting Ruby. After a few months, Node.js were mentioned more and more. I eventually used the same old Content Management System (Drupal based on PHP) to build the site and override my developers' suggestion to learn a new language (Python) and develop a commercial site instead. My business is in Hong Kong and the supplies of technical talents in the latest and greatest programming language and framework is simply not as great as in US silicon valley. I believe my decision was correct and we were able to launch the site early enough (just to say it nicely). As a ex-programmer, while I have the tendency to learn the latest and great programming language, it does not mean the old-and-proven does not work!
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