Jaguar revealed a 400 horsepower all-electric concept SUV

Jaguar revealed a 400 horsepower all-electric concept SUV It will be Jaguar's first electric vehicle and only its second SUV ever.
The all-wheel-drive I-Pace should have an EPA-estimated driving range of 220 miles, according to Jaguar Land Rover, which makes Jaguar cars.
The crossover SUV was unveiled in an international press conference that included a virtual reality presentation. While reporters in both London and Los Angeles were able to see a computer-drawn virtual reality presentation, those in L.A. were presented with an actual concept vehicle driven out onto the floor among them.
The I-Pace has what car designers call a "cab-forward" design with a short hood, possible because the nose of the car does not need to house a large engine. That shape allows for better aerodynamics and more interior space.

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