@LotusOak recomends to Download the First Aid Chart by @JoetteCalabrese

@LotusOak recomends to Download the First Aid Chart by @JoetteCalabrese
Years ago as a young mother, I read that deaths in children occurred more often from accidents than illness. It was a pivotal moment for me. Fevers don’t kill, I learned, but a head injury could. Chicken pox might be uncomfortable, but it wasn’t going to maim my child like a burn or laceration. I deduced that there are only so many different kinds of dangers, so to learn which remedies to use ought to be something I could readily accomplish. Besides, I already knew that it was best to leave a fever alone and how easy it is to reduce chicken pox itching with homeopathy. Thus, I pointed myself in the direction of first-aid study for the next many months. How freeing! I set my mind to studying how to treat lacerations, shock, heat stroke, burns, head injuries, even electrocution, using homeopathy. This allowed me to focus my time on what was most valuable in order to become a more effective parent.
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