How Talking Too Much Can Hurt You by @RosatoDonna

How Talking Too Much Can Hurt You by  @RosatoDonnaWhen you’ve got the floor in a meeting, do you notice people looking at the clock or their phones?

When you’re chatting over the water cooler, do you find yourself chiming in before your colleagues finish their sentences?

Do you typically go off on tangents when you tell a story?

Do people nod blankly and say “uh huh” a lot when you’re speaking?

Do you notice that people at work prefer to communicate with you via email?

You may be an overtalker.

Most people who talk too much don’t realize they do it, says Annie Stevens, managing partner for ClearRock, a leadership development and executive coaching firm. No matter whether it’s fueled by insecurity or overconfidence, however, this quality can be deadly to one’s career—especially these days.

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