Next step toward driverless cars: Tesla updates Autopilot

Next step toward driverless cars: Tesla updates AutopilotSpeed caps are being raised for the autopilot function in newer Tesla cars, from 55 mph to 80 mph, in the form of new software that the company has started streaming into its vehicles.
The software update, called Autopilot 8.1, lets the cars pretty much drive themselves on highways up to the posted speed limit, or a maximum of 80.
The cars will stay in their lanes, turn around curves without driver intervention, and will pass vehicles automatically with a flick of the turn signal.
Human drivers are warned to pay attention, and the system will send warnings if hands aren’t placed on the steering wheel periodically, and the car will slow down and stop if the human fails to comply.
Tesla cars have had Autopilot for years but new models began being fitted with an expanded set of sensor hardware last October. The 55 mph Autopilot speed cap was placed on those cars, which Autopilot 8.1 lifts with its updates that started rolling out on Wednesday.
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