Ethiopia Causes Internet Blackout due to Leaked Exam Papers reported in @themerklenews

Ethiopia Causes Internet Blackout due to Leaked Exam Papers reported in @themerklenewsInternet blackouts are often considered to be highly controversial. After all, it is often used as a tool by oppressive regimes to enforce censorship on all residents. However, the latest blackout in Ethiopia is a result of a different mindset. The government decided this was the best course of action after the exam papers for grade 10 examinations were successfully leaked. Yes you’ve read right, and this isn’t a joke.


It is always disconcerting to see an entire nation disappear off the Internet for some reason. Oppressive regimes often cause nationwide internet blackouts as a way to enforce censorship and control the masses. Such measures should never be taken lightly unless there is absolutely no other viable option to address a specific problem. Leaked examination papers may not necessarily warrant such a drastic decision, though.

However, over in Ethiopia the government feels they have no other option. With the grade 10 examination papers leaked on the internet, the only course of action was to shut down access for the entire country. This means no one in the country can access the Internet under any circumstance, regardless of their reason to do so. Such a decision does not sit well with the general public by any means, though.



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