Wireless CTs (current transformer): An Overview in @PanPwr

Wireless CTs (current transformer): An Overview in @PanPwrCurrent transformers certainly aren’t a new invention. Since the first prototype was built in 1885, the current transformer (CT) has been an essential component of the system that measures and distributes electrical current.
Indeed, the CT’s basic function has remained relatively unchanged for more than 130 years, with electrical systems large and small relying on CTs to make electrical current usable, manageable, measureable and safe.

It goes without saying that the world of electricity-powered devices has changed drastically since the current transformer burst onto the scene. While the basic principle has remained the same, CT’s components have altered to support the use of electricity in our everyday lives. Today, updates to CT design and engineering fit them into devices as small as a 9-volt battery and make them powerful enough to back systems as large as an electrical grid.



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