Voice input are becoming more oft-used modes of interactiont. @businessinsider

Voice input are becoming more oft-used modes of interactiont. @businessinsider Over the past year, new capabilities in voice assistants and smartphone cameras have moved into the forefront, as more powerful devices and more sophisticated software have enabled voice- and camera-based experiences that are more seamless and intuitive than text-based digital interaction. Here are the related insights that Meeker touched on in the report:

The voice-based word accuracy rate from Google reached 95% in 2017. The 95% accuracy rate represents the threshold for human accuracy and the point at which consumer uptake of voice assistants should rally. The ability for voice assistants to accurately identify voice input is only one part of the battle, with contextual understanding being the next major threshold that artificial intelligence needs to cross to drive more usage of digital voice assistants. BI Intelligence takes a deep dive into the voice assistant market in its Voice Assistant Landscape Report.



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