Do you understand healthy eating?

Do  you understand healthy eating?
Having recently agreed to review its standards by which it assesses which foods can be described as “healthy”, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) surveyed hundreds of members of the American Society for Nutrition about the health values of 52 different foods. The US regulator also carried out a survey of a representative sample of the American electorate, asking them their opinion on how healthy certain foods were. A healthy difference The results revealed surprising disparities between the views of nutritionists and the general public on healthy eating. Orange juice, American cheese, coconut oil, frozen yoghurt and SlimFast shakes were deemed far healthier by the public than the experts. Granola created the biggest divide: 71% of the public thought it was healthy, compared with just 28% of nutritionists. Several of the foods considered healthier by the public than by experts had something in common: they generally contained a lot of added sugar (something a nutritionist would probably be aware of).
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